Sealing & Insulating Your Crawl Space

Sealing & Insulating Your Crawl Space

Solutions for sealing, waterproofing, & insulating your crawl space

At PM&R by Alert Construction, we specialize in repairing and upgrading crawl spaces of all shapes and sizes. We install vapor barrier systems, crawl space insulation, drainage, sump pumps, structural supports, and much more!

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Why Should You Seal & Insulate Your Crawl Space?
Repairing a rotting, unhealthy crawl space is hard work -- and it's hard to find someone who's willing to crawl into that moldy, mice-infested space to do the job. If you do find someone willing to rip the damaged wood out and replace it in that dark, narrow space, you can sure it won't be cheap!

The best way to avoid an issue like this is to avoid the problem in the first place by properly maintaining your space. With a few simple upgrades, you'll start saving money on your energy bills right away. You'll also enjoy warmer floors, experience fewer drafts, and will benefit from a healthier living space.

America's Housing Epidemic

It’s easy for moisture-laden air to find its way into an unsealed crawl space or basement. Rim joist joints (shown here) are just one way. Once there, it cools and condenses – leading to ruined fiberglass insulation, unhealthy mold, and rot-causing fungus.

Common Crawl Space Problems
Issues with crawl spaces are almost always avoidable, and are most commonly the product of poor building practices and "cut corners" during construction. The building codes that supported many of these practices are quickly being phased out in the past decade, as the evidence of the damage that results mounts.

Crawl spaces are most commonly damaged by these three factors:

Outside Air Intrusion
Outside air is rarely the kind of air you want flowing into your crawl space. It's damp in wet weather, cold in the winter months, and hot and humid during the summer.

As hot, humid summer air enters a cooler crawl space, the humidity in the air condensates, collecting on insulation and wood surfaces. Wet fiberglass loses much of its insular quality, and becomes weighed down -- sagging and falling down from the joists in useless heaps.

In the winter, the cold air that enters a crawl space will affect your HVAC system, air vents, water heater, and hot water pipes. As they cool, they'll have to work harder than ever, and will cost you unnecessarily large spendings on your utility bills.

Mold & Structural Damage
As crawl spaces flood or maintain high humidity levels, mold will begin to grow on everything organic in the space -- including wood, stored items, and components of fiberglass (resins, dyes, paper backing, trapped particles, etc.). It can also grow directly on the dirt that makes up the floor.

If this mold continues to go unchecked, it will damage insulation and weaken structural wood -- including the joists and girders in a crawl space. Over time, this damage may cause the structure to sag downwards.

As it does, floors will become uneven and "bouncy", a musty smell will rise up, and interior doors may jam or stick. Finally, as the floor is pulled downwards, walls that are attached to that floor will be pulled in half, creating cracks in drywall. These symptoms may also occur if the supports are built on weak soils. As supports sink into the mud, your home sinks.

Wood-Destroying Insects
A crawl space offers moisture, food, shelter, and a consistent temperature year round. This makes them the ideal home for a wide variety of pests -- including termites, carpenter ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, snakes, wood-boring beetles, and more.

Once in the home, they will nest in insulation, destroy wood, create a potential fire hazard, and add harmful allergens to the home environment.

The key to controlling these pests in your home depends on eliminating as many of their life essentials as possible.

By sealing, insulating, and dehumidifying a crawl space, you eliminate their entrance points into your home, and remove the life-sustaining moisture that otherwise keeps them living and breeding.

Our Crawl Space Products
We can provide you with a wide variety of patented, award-winning products that are made specifically for the crawl space environment. Our experts can upgrade your home's energy efficiency, as well as provide you with professional waterproofing, moisture control, and structural repair services.

Our systems can be quickly installed in your home -- with most taking a day or less to install. No matter what you need for your home, we have a warrantied solution that's great for you!

Basic Crawl Space Product Combinations
Which combination of crawl space products you'll want depends largely on if your crawl space is flooding and how much insulation you'd like to install.

If your crawl space is also in need of structural supports, we can help you there as well by building new piers or supporting existing ones. 

PM&R by Alert Construction can take care of all your crawl space needs!

Basic Crawl Space System

Our Basic Crawl Space Encapsulation System includes airtight vent covers, airtight access door, a clear cover for block wall openings, and our encapsulation liner.

Without Water Leakage

  • Basic Crawl Space Encapsulation System

  • 6 - 20 mil liner


  • Reduces Moisture & Humidity

  • Keeps Out Outside Air

With Water Leakage

  • Perimeter Drain System 

  • Sump Pump System

  • Optional  Battery Backup System

Ultimate Energy Savings For Your Crawl Space!

For maximum energy savings, our complete package also includes our durable TerraBlock™ Floor Insulation, which is protected by our durable 10 mil vapor barrier.

Without Water Leakage

  • 10 mil Encapsulation Liner Over TerraBlock™ Floor Insulation

  • 2" Thick SilverGlo™ Insulation With Radiant Barrier To Insulate (R11)


  • Dramatically Reduces Heat Loss Through Crawl Space Walls And Floor

  • Reflective Surface On SilverGlo™ Provides Radiant Heat Barrier To Reflect Heat Back Into Crawl Space

With Water Leakage

  • 10 mil Encapsulation Liner Over TerraBlock™ Floor Insulation

  • 2" Thick R11 SilverGlo™ Radiant Barrier On Walls

  • Drainage Matting

  • Perimeter Drainage System (SmartPipe)

  • SmartSump™ Sump Pump System

  • Optional UltraSump® Battery Backup System


  • Dramatically Reduces Heat Loss Crawl Space Walls And Floor

  • Drainage Matting Creates A Space For Water To Drain

  • Cast-Iron Zoeller® Sump Pump

  • Water Alarm Included

  • Optional Battery Backup Capable Of Pumping 12,000+ Gallons On A Single Charge

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At PM&R by Alert Construction, our experts work with you to create a warrantied system that meets all the goals you've set out to accomplish. We'll provide you with a written crawl space repair quote that lays out your system and shows the cost in black and white.

If you'd like a full home energy audit, our expects would be glad to help you with this as well! 

Sealing & Insulating Your Home's Crawl Space

Along with energy savings, a healthier home, and a better-preserved structure, many homeowners use a sealed crawl space as a storage area for lawn furniture and similar items.

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