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PM&R by Alert Construction Before & After Photos

Check out all the things big and small pm&r by alert construction can do and can do for you too! 

Kitchen makeover in Greensboro, NC

We opened  this kitchen up by simply changing the paint color.  Look at the difference a brighter color makes- it's like a whole new kitchen! 

Storm Door Hardware in Phafftown, NC

The hardware on this storm door was broken and allowed the door to swing all the way open, making it likely the door and house would be damaged. PM&R by Alert Construction replaced the hardware with a new set and the door works properly again.

Door Stopper

The door stopper was missing and we replaced it with a new one. Door stoppers prevent wall damage.

Hole in closet door

We patched the hole in this closet door.

Interior Painting

Sometimes all you need is a new coat of paint!

French Door

Just like new! Let PM&R by Alert Construction bring new life to your windows and doors.

Smoke Detector

Simple repairs like new smoke detectors.

Handrails at front entrance

We added permanent handrails to this property. What a difference! it's like they got a new porch!

Missing Interior Door

We installed a new closet door where one was missing.

Light Fixture

We added a light fixture to replace a missing one.

Six Foot Privacy Fence

Filled in pond

This hole was once a pond. It was left in the yard as an unfinished project which also posed a safety hazzard. We filled in the pond making it level with the backyard.

Power Washed Vinyl Siding

This vinyl sided home just needed to be power washed to show off it's great color.

Replace Range

We changed the white range in this kitchen to a new black range.

Replace Microwave Hood

In the before picture the kitchen is missing a microwave hood. We installed a new microwave to match the new black oven. Cabinet doors were also added.

Satellite Dish Removal

With the popularity of digital cable, we are asked to remove satellite dishes of all sizes.

New HVAC Registers

The existing register was rusty and old. We replaced it with a new updated register.


We replaced this mailbox which was falling over.

Carpet Removal

Removal of carpet and padding to subfloor in this room.

Weather Stripping on Door

The weather stripping on the door frame needed to be replaced

Interior Door Replacement in Raleigh, NC

PM&R by Alert Construction installed a new interior door in this customers home where there was not one previously.

Cabinet Door Replacement

We replaced this cabinet door for the homeowner.

New Deck Pickets in Greensboro, NC

Several of the pickets on this deck had broken off. We replaced the missing pickets so that the deck would look complete and be much safer for small children or dogs to walk around on.

Dryer Vent

We replaced this dryer vent in the siding the right way.

Down Spout

This downspout now functions to bring water down and away from the home.

Vinyl Corner Trim

Vinyl corner trim was replaced against the siding.

Replacement of Sub Floor in Bathroom

We replaced the entire subfloor.

Replace Kitchen Stove

Sliding Glass Door

Fire Damaged Deck in Greensboro, NC

A fire burned most of this second story deck. PM&R by Alert was able to remove any damaged decking and railing, and replace the materials so the deck is now safe and sturdy for the homeowner's use.

Drywall Repair in Greensboro, NC

The drywall before was stained. PM&R by Alert was able to repair the drywall and repaint the room to provide a clean and fresh look to the entire space.

Smoke Detector Repair in Greensboro, NC

This old smoke detector was hanging from the ceiling. PM&R Alert replaced the unit with a more modern, updated unit, and remounted the smoke detector so it no longer hangs dangerously.

Window Lock Install in Greensboro

This window was missing window locks so we added two new locks.

Hardware on Vanity

Toilet Lid Replacement in Greensboro

We replaced the underwater sea toilet lid with a neutral lid.

Baseboard Trim and Carpeting in Greensboro, NC

There was no baseboard trim and bare subfloor in this Greensboro home. We completed the room by installing newly painted baseboard trim and carpeting.

Laundry Room Doors

The laundry room did not have any doors. We installed new bi-fold doors.

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