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Make Home Repairs Before They Get Worse

The time to make home repairs is now! Addressing repair needs sooner rather than later will save time and money.

Drywall, for example, can stand up to a trickle of water for a short time. Once the leak is fixed and the drywall dries, it can often be repainted without having to install a patch. Let the leak continue until the drywall is saturated and sagging, however, and the repair becomes much more involved. In addition to cutting out the damage and fitting a patch, there's all of the compounding and taping that goes with it.

Remove dated kitchen sink and install new stainless steel sink and faucet

Or, let's say a window air conditioner slips from your grasp while you're installing it, and a piece of the window sill breaks due to the impact. Glue, a clamp, sandpaper, and a bit of paint will make the damage disappear -- unless you procrastinate and misplace the piece of broken molding. Then the restoration can take several hours.

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Things That Can Go Wrong with your Home
Keeping your house in good condition will help protect your investment and preserve your peace of mind. However, there are some things you can't prevent:

  • Basements get flooded and become a breeding ground for mold

  • Heat can warp and raise deck boards

  • Insects can chew away sill boards that frame structures

  • Vines can get behind siding and pop it off walls

  • Mortar between bricks or stone can deteriorate

  • Ice dams can build up along eaves and allow water to saturate ceilings

  • Vinyl shutters can become brittle and break

  • Rain storms can flood basements and damage appliances, such as water heaters, washers, and dryers

  • Masonry flue liners can crack and create fire hazards

  • Foundation settlement can cause window seals to break and gaps to open

  • Roots can infiltrate drain lines and cause clogs

  • Undetected leaks, such as under a toilet, can rot subflooring

Thankfully, PM&R by Alert Construction is your "one call" source to help with the expected or unpredictable.

The Smarter Way to Make Home Repairs
There's always a smart, permanent way to make repairs, but sometimes homeowners opt for the more convenient and temporary solutions. The smart way is to do it right the first time. The easy way is to create a band-aid solution that, before long, has to be redone. PM&R by Alert Construction craftsmen have the know-how and expertise to do the job right the first time, thoroughly, quickly and efficiently.

For example, the boards used to enclose a 4 x 4 porch post have begun to rot. Removing the damaged boards and putting in new ones is not too difficult, but not every handyman will prime and paint both sides of the replacement boards before installing them. Nor will they ventilate the new enclosure and screen the vent openings to stop insects from nesting inside. In many cases, our long-lasting repairs exceed the standards of the original work and end up looking as good as new.

Complete Home Repairs Quickly and Correctly with PM&R by Alert Construction
Unfortunately, many homeowners procrastinate when it comes to making repairs. Cranking down on a dripping shower valve is easier than having it fixed or replaced – until, of course, it lets go and floods your bathroom and the rooms below. Living with missing tile grout in a shower wall allows water to get inside the wall where it can damage framing and grow harmful mold.

Painting over a soft spot on the brick mold around a window allows the rot to spread. Failing to repair cracks and gaps in concrete walks, pool decks, and patios permits expansion every year and accelerates deterioration. These examples are why it is important to complete repairs quickly and correctly the first time with PM&R by Alert Construction.

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