Alert Construction - Remodeling & Repair Photo Gallery

Photo Album: Electrical box

PM&R by Alert Construction was contracted to change out an old fuse box and update it to a new breaker box to bring it up to code.

Old Fuse Box

Old fuse box that we were contracted to replace with new breaker box.

New Breaker Box

New breaker box to replace old fuse box.

Photo Album: Iron Hen Cafe in Greensboro

This is a great local cafe that we did some work on after a telephone pole fell on their outbuilding. We repaired the roof and the fascia on the building outside, aswell as did some sheet rock work and painting on the inside of the great cafe.

Fascia Repair in Greensboro, NC

Had some damage to the fascia and we repaired it as we did the roof of the storage building.

Fascia Repair 2 in Greensboro, NC

Another picture of the fascia repair with a great shot of the front of the building showing that they do catering also.

Roof Repair in Greensboro, NC

Roof repair where a telephone pole fell on the building.

Roof Repair 2 in Greensboro, NC

Side view picture of the roof repair on the outbuilding at the Iron Hen Cafe.

Roof Repair 3 in Greensboro, NC

Closer look at the roof and the fascia work.

Interior repair Greensboro, NC

We repaired some sheet rock on the inside of the Iron Hen Cafe and painted it.

Interior Repair 2 Greensboro, NC

Another picture of the interior of the Iron Hen Cafe sheet rock repair and paint.

Photo Album: Repair Jobs

Repairs made to customers houses. Some before and after pictures, and some are when the jobs were completed. Look at the great work that is done!

Bathroom Before

This bathroom needed a whole lot of love. Check out the next pic if you want to see the reincarnation...

Bathroom AFTER

Bathroom Remodel

This is what the other bathroom wall looked like BEFORE

Bathroom AFTER

Screened in Porch BEFORE

The homeowner wanted to just tear the whole back porch down.

Screened in Porch After

WE transformed it into something worth keeping.


This house needed a MAJOR face-lift


New siding gave this old house a new life!

Chimney Removal

We removed this crumbling chimney and gave this home a much needed face lift!

Chimney Removal

This is what the chimney looked like on the inside. The floor was collapsing and it had been some time since the chimney was of any use.

Chimney Removal

Once we demoed the old chimney and mantle, we reframed the wall to accommodate some new windows.

chimney exterior after.JPG

Can you believe this is the same exterior wall? We replaced that crumbling chimney and outdated picture windows with new vinyl windows.

Kitchen Remodel

This is the BEFORE pic - you won't believe what it looks like now!

Kitchen Remodel

We repaired the broken upper cabinets and installed a new base cabinet and countertop. Added a dishwasher and gave it all a new coat of paint.

Storm Damage

Tree fell on customers home, and we fixed and repaired.

Storm Damage Fixed

Picture of roof after the storm damage from the tree falling on it was fixed.

Garage Door Header 1

Repaired the header on the garage door.

Garage Door Header 1

Repaired garage door header.

Outside Light Fixture

Replaced old outside light fixture with a new one that the customer wanted installed.

Wax Rings

New wax rings installed in toilet to keep it from leaking and to protect the hardwoods.


The Deck was bolted to the house. Just think how sturdy it is now!

Photo Album: Shower Heads

We fixed this shower head that was missing.

Missing Shower Head

Who stole the showerhead?

Shower Fixtures

New Shower Fixtures installed

Shower Hardware

New Shower Hardware installed.

New Shower Head

Not only was there a new shower head installed, but the other shower fixtures were replaced as well.

Photo Album: If These Walls Could Talk

A collection of walls before they were stripped of their wallpaper, or mold.

Border on Cabinets

Wallpaper border on cabinets had to come down.

Kitchen Border

Border below trim and above cabinets

Turquoise Walls

Turquoise walls with border

Stairwell Painting

Incomplete paint job was ready for us to finish.

Floral Paper

Floral wallpaper with a border.

Plaid Wallpaper

Green plaid wallpaper

Flowers and Checks

Floral border with checked wallpaper

Basement wall

Covered in mildew

Blue Flowers

Blue floral wallpaper

Holes in Drywall

Holes in drywall needed to be fixed.

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint in a bedroom

If you're a Redskins Fan

If you're a Redskins fan this basement is for you!


Lighthouses adorn this wall.

Damaged Walls

These damaged walls needed to be repaired.

Before Paint was changed

Picture before the paint color was changed to a neutral.


Vacation wallpaper.

After painted

After picture when neutral color was applied.


Border above walls.

Missing Vanity Light

No Vanity Light, Had to be installed.


Car wallpaper

Vanity Light

New Vanity Light Fixture Insalled


The writing on this wall won't stay for long.

Bold Paint Before Changed

Dark Paint in house before changed to a neutral color.

After painted

After picture of interior wall that was painted with neutral color.

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