What's on your Spring Home Maintenance List?

With winter now officially behind us, it's time to welcome in the Spring season. What's on your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist?


On the top of my list is bugs. With all the new spring flowers, come new visitors. Where they were all winter long, only they would know and the variety and numbers are staggering. There must be a hive under the deck or maybe on the roof, but these last few warm days have been spent racing across the lawn or deck to get inside whilst scary bird sized insects battle it out. Ducking your head so as not to disturb or distract for fear they'll turn their attention and their stingers to you. We've armed ourselves with wasp and hornet spray and this weekend we will head out to war. Are they hornets or wasps? We're not getting close enough to find out. Hopefully, you've been spared the invasion. These are not your friendly bumble bees, but warlike wasps or hornets or some new alien lifeform and once they've decided to call yours home, their eradication is not a chore to be left idle. While you're at it, you might want to spray your perimeter with insect repellant before the mass migration begins. Prevention is as always the key. Draw the line before creatures big and small burrow out from the depths and wander into your homes. We're hoping this will take care of the wasps and hornets and we're spraying the entire perimeter of the home with this.


If you're lucky enough to be spared the insect invasion, and you need ideas, check out our Spring Maintenance Checklist. Inspect your home's siding and roof for hail or wind damage. Take on minor repairs now before they become big headaches later. Grab a tube of clear silicone caulk and seal any cracks or holes. Replace weatherstripping on your doors and windows and clean out your gutters and downspouts. Get rid of all the debris that winter left behind before April showers are upon us. Have your HVAC serviced and make sure your AC is ready for the hot summer months. Dust off your lawn mower, attack those weeds, trim those scraggly limbs and bushes. If you see bare spots on your lawn, now is the best time to plant the seeds for a lush lawn in time for Barbeque season. Power wash your deck, driveway and your home's exterior. Wash away all that winter grime. Spring cleaning is called spring cleaning for a reason. Back in the day, homes were heated by hearths and fires, and doors were kept shut tight all winter long to keep the warm air in. Along with the heat came soot and ashes that would accumulate over the cold winter months. Once the weather warmed up, the doors and windows opened up again and people swept out the detritus of winter in favor of fresh Spring air. Things haven't changed a whole lot in the all the centuries since. Get your Spring cleaning going. Clear out all the various things that have accumulated through the winter. Wipe down all your surfaces and be sure to hit all those neglected nooks and crannies. While you're cleaning out your cabinets and closets, purge yourself of all the things you don't need or don't want to clean or maintain. Lighten your load. Switch out your heavy window dressings for lighter fare, pack away your winter clothes.

The list goes on and on. Post your Spring Maintenace Checklist and start crossing things off your list. Celebrate and get ready for the new season.

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