Ultimate Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Well, the weather outside is frightful, but you can make sure that inside it's just DELIGHTFUL.

Check out our Ultimate Winter Home Maintenance Checklist!


- Turn off and empty all outdoor faucets! A pipe without any water can't freeze or burst! Get outside and turn those faucets off. After shutting them off, open the faucet to drain any remaining water. While you're out there, disconnect any hoses and store them indoors so they don't get damaged by the freezing temps.

- Get your chimney fireplace or wood stove cleaned so you can rely on them for heat. temp-post-image


- Place a screen over any intake vents to ward off rodents and other unwanted guests.


- Check your roof for any potential issues or deficiencies. Clear off any debris that may be hanging out on a flat roof or in roof valleys. Leaves can collect water which is a definite no-no. While you're up there, clean out those gutters and clear out your downspouts.


- Switch any ceiling fans to rotate CLOCKWISE to create a downdraft for all that rising heat.


- Prevent drafts at windows and doors. Seal any cracks or leak and replace weatherstripping if needed. Check your walls too for any drafy areas that might let cold air in.


- Check and replace batteries in smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide monitors

- temp-post-image

- Pour a few gallons of water in your sump pit if you have one to make sure it's working correctly. Make sure any water is being dispelled AWAY from your foundation- at least 6'.

temp-post-image - Service your water heater and flush it to get rid of gunk.

- Inspect your entry points- make sure steps, decking and handrails are sturdy and secure. temp-post-image


- If you're heading out of town, turn your faucets on just a trickle.

Remember an ounce of prevention...

We wish you all a very Happy Holilday Season filled with lots and lots of Comfort and Joy!

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