Making Something from Nothing.


So we're remodeling this home and the previous owner was either a car hobbiest or a mechanic. The property literally has more garage than home. There's a double car garage at the front - probably the original garage, but then there's a 2-story double car garage at the rear- probably an add on. The area highlighted in green represents the living space. Everything within the red border is garage. The home literally has double the square footage in garage that it has in living space. That's enough garage for more than a dozen cars!

This is the rear garage. We removed a car lift from that gaping hole

temp-post-image temp-post-image

So what to do? How about an in-law suite?

This is our inspo. temp-post-image

But first we need a floor.

After all you can't build on nothing.


Here's the finished floor- view from Below... temp-post-image

And from Above... . temp-post-image

Now for the framing .temp-post-image

Can you see it now?


What do you think? .temp-post-image

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