Cure the Winter Blahs with these Great Home Improvement Projects!


Winter can be dark and dreary. Check out these tips for brightening your spaces and finding warmth even on the darkest days! If you’re feeling sadness or boredom settle over your life these cold winter days, try these home improvement projects to cure the winter blahs. Planning out a few projects will help you pass the time and transform your home into a happier, sunnier place to live. DIY them or call PM&R by Alert Construction.


Let The Light Shine In. The effects of sunlight can improve mood and sleep, increase vitamin D for stronger bones, and lower blood pressure.

-There are a number of things you can do to brighten the lights that are already in your home. Some people are surprised to realize the difference a higher wattage light bulb can make. Even moving from 60 to 75 watts can have a huge impact. While your energy bill might go up slightly, the extra light can be well worth it. Be careful to check the maximum wattage on the light socket before swapping out your bulbs.

-Windows are our friends (especially windows that are insulated and free from drafts). It's important to take advantage of any natural light we might get in the winter. Trim away shrubs and branches to allow the most sunlight through. Inside the home, push window treatments or large furniture aside and remove heavy drapes or window screens that might keep the sunlight from coming into the home

-Upgrading lighting fixtures this winter can be the perfect invitation to gather in the comfort of your home. Soft white and warm lighting tend to work best in living room spaces.


Lighten Your Décor. Winter hues of white and light blue are excellent colors to embrace in the darker months. Swap out your throw pillows and area rugs for lighter shades that will help brighten the home. If you have hardwood flooring, remove area rugs altogether and let the natural wood shine through.

-If you’re feeling ambitious, you can consider painting the rooms you use the most in a light, soft shade. Sunny yellows and oranges are warm colors that can really lift the winter blues. When was the last time you painted your home? Plenty of homeowners leave each room with the beige walls that came with the house. Instead, get creative and make your home a brighter place.

-In addition to color, mirrors are an excellent way to use décor to brighten a space. Mirrors reflect light, especially when placed opposite of light sources, such as a window or sliding door. They also make rooms feel more airy and spacious, a great bonus on dark days.

-Updating a small bathroom or simply creating a statement wall with a pop of color can do a lot to raise your spirits and your home’s “wow factor.” Add color with new sofa pillows, throws, and artwork.

-Replace Door and Cabinet Handles. It’s a subtle way to give your home a makeover on a budget.Call PMA&R by Alert construction or Go to your local hardware store and find new doorknobs in a different style, metal or color than your current ones. It’s easy to switch them out as soon as you get home and give your living space a new style


Embrace the Warmth. If you have a fireplace, lucky you! Keep that woodpile stocked and the fire stoked all winter long. If you do not have a fireplace, there are other ways to bring this warmth into your rooms.

-Candles are a great way to provide a soft, comforting light and warm up dark spaces. Electric fireplaces are also a great way to bring in the ambiance of a fire without calling the mason.

-Don’t sit and shiver! Create some heat! It’s important to take care of drafty windows and doors and guard your home against winter’s chill. Insulate your pipes and ductwork, seal air leaks, and add a draft guard to doors. When not using your fireplace, be sure to keep the damper closed. Add Energy-Efficient Insulation. The winter season can become costly if you haven’t taken time to ensure that your home is properly insulated, but it’s never too late to make improvements and put an end to your home’s energy waste that results from poor or old insulation. With the high cost of fuel and energy at present, you would be wise to take the necessary steps to upgrade and resolve any insulation issues for your home now, so you could start saving this winter season.The winter season gives you the upper hand in terms of identifying problem areas because you can detect gaps, cracks and open spaces a bit easier thanks to the presence of the cold air. So your mission is simple–find the holes and gaps around your walls and floors, then fill them in with an energy-efficient material like spray foam, which expands exponentially upon application to take up space and create the desired barrier and block air.

-Use your stove and oven. Make heartwarming soups and stews that can simmer slowly, filling your home with wonderful aromas and warmth - and your tummy with savory satisfaction.

-Finally, get up and move around! There are lots of things you can do at home during the winter months.


Bring the outside in! April showers may bring spring flowers, but a quick trip to the supermarket can bring you a vase full of happiness.

-Restock your house plants and give the plants you have some T.L.C. by pruning and repotting.

-Grow indoor plants. As plants bloom again later in the year, you’ll feel like a new you as you watch budding leaves and flowers. Instead of waiting for spring to come, homeowners who love gardening can grow hardy indoor plants to bring life to their house.Cover your living space in pots filled with flowers, ferns and other greenery. You’ll love your new routine of taking care of them every day and experience the joy that comes with bringing a plant to life.

-Build a Deck. Maybe this year, that thing that gets you through the winter and psyched for summer is a deck addition to your home. If you start now, you’ll have more than ample time to create the deck of your dreams.


Enjoy the Great Indoors. Make the most of your “indoor time.” This is your opportunity to do all those little chores you’ve been meaning to do: Clean a closet. Hang a picture. Scrub the baseboards. Make a list of indoor tasks you want to achieve and get them done and out of the way — because the minute spring arrives, you’re outta there. While you’re at it, make a wish list of home updates and renovations for the year, and get those plans in motion.

-Organize Your Home. Even after you clean your home, it may still feel like a messy or cramped place to wait out the winter months. If that’s the case, organize your house overnight with simple tips and tricks.Sort through your belongings and designate unwanted items into donation or trash piles before reorganizing everything. You’ll save space and spring clean a little early, which helps make your home lighter and brighter.

-Tour Your Home If you’re not sure where to start, tour your home and figure out where you feel the winter blues most heavily. Start with something small, like replacing cabinet handles, and work your way up to bigger projects like upgrading your bathroom or repainting your room.You’ll figure out which projects are right for your home and, at the same, time cure your winter blues before spring ever arrives.

With a bit of focus and planning, you can capitalize on this time of year and make major headway that will make the subsequent spring season and beyond even more enjoyable in your improved home.

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