City of Greensboro Home Repair Grant for Low Income Households


Soon, the City of Greensboro will be accepting applications for Home Repair GSO, the grant program approved by the City Council in November of 2022. The program was created to address the needs of low-income Greensboro homeowners. The city has been working on developing the program and the application progress since the program's approval on November 15th, 2022. The program will specifically address major system failures, dangerous housing conditions and provide other services to approved low income homeowners. The City expects to issue RFPs or Requests for Proposals in early 2023. Monitor's the City's webpage for the program for updates on applications for this program.

Eligibility Requirements for the program:

Eligible households must be under the 60 percent Area Median Income

Eligible Properties must be located within the Greensboro city limits and be free from known enviromental contaminants, untreated infestaions and/or hoarding conditions.

Homeowners are eligible for one repair grant in a 10-year period and program funds are limited to three eligible systems and a maximum of $20,000.

Eligible systems include:

Roof repair or replacement
HVAC repair or replacement
Electrical or gas system repair or component replacement
Plumbing or hot water system repair or component replacement
Structural system failure
Fire safety installation or replacement
Foundation structural repair
Flood danger mitigation
Tree danger mitigation – limited scope.

The installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors or required ground fault interrupter outlets do not count as a system and all project properties will receive smoke and carbon monoxide safety measures to meet code.

If you or someone you know are in need of some major home repairs and meet these qualifications, monitor the City's website for the program's application announcent. Alternately, you can call 336-373-2349. Provide your name, email address and phone number to receive a notification when the program application is available.

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