Don't let Unseen Damages DERAIL your Closing or your HOME SWEET HOME!

It all started with a home inspection.

This home was under contract and in due diligence when the home inspector came back with this...


Turns out the previously almost perfect looking garage was not so perfect after all.

Previously unseen damage- wood rot at the garage header.

What's a homeowner to do?

Call PM&R by Alert Construction that's what!

Here's a pic of what we found when we arrived on site


Have no fear- your trusted carpenter is here.

In no time at all things were looking much much better...


Now that's definitely an IMPROVEMENT!

And when all was said and done- it was PM&R by Alert Construction to the rescue yet again.

Some sexy AFTER pics for y'all...

temp-post-imageDamage? What damage?

Like there was never a problem in the first place.

If the header didn't actually look even more perfect than it did to start, you'd never even know there was ever any issues.

So don't let unseen damage or unexpected problems derail your real estate closing or your Home Sweet Home.

Call PM&R by Alert Cosntruction whatever your issue. We are ready and willing to come to your rescue!


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